isaac jd wilson

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My father instilled a deep interest in the mind and its complexities. There are still a lot of unanswered questions about consciousness, behavior, and personality, and I am just riveted by any progress in those areas.
I've always had a natural inclination toward technology. Since childhood, I've spent countless hours on computers—building, repairing, working, playing. I've grown comfortable with everything from MS-DOS to virtual reality, and I'm always looking to the next big thing.
What good is learning if you don't produce something from your gains? I value creative contributions to the world—audio, visual, or otherwise. A creative project is also the perfect excuse to learn a new skill!
I'm fundamentally motivated by learning new skills and information, and I find particular satisfaction when I uncover connections between seemingly different disciplines. That's why I value breadth of knowledge over depth, to enable that kind of synergy.
I develop and implement a strategic vision for organizational learning. I administrate and create content for our learning management system, facilitate several classes and a 9-month leadership course, and do whatever else is necessary to foster an org-wide culture of growing, insatiable learners.
I leveraged video, graphic design, web development, and eLearning software to efficiently train a large and very diverse employee population. But don't let my title fool you: I also developed and facilitated in-person learning, took part in a wide range of teams and committees, and worked to affect positive culture change across the organization.
I became an expert in a variety of eLearning technology, so I could assist instructors in designing, creating, and troubleshooting their courses. In addition, I facilitated workshops, managed an equipment checkout system, and assisted in web design and development for online teaching modules.
I spent my service year in the Americorps VISTA program researching child well-being indicators, designing data visualizations and infographics, and doing other graphic design projects as needed.
In the ABC lab, I programmed computer experiments, coordinated and ran participants, and analyzed a bunch of German speed-dating data. It was even more fun than it sounds.
Most of my job was to set-up, run, and tear-down audio/visual equipment for concerts, lectures, and student activities. In addition, I organized some of my own annual events.
I developed and taught an 8-week introductory college course, including class assignments. I loved it as much as my students did. Which was a lot, according to the evaluations.